Bible storying is one effective way that is working in traditionally hard to reach places.  Many organizations are adapting it to their ministry strategies.  It’s simple and reproducible. It reaches into communities rather than pulling interested individuals out from their community.  It doesn’t require seminary education to do.  It’s cost effective (you don’t need a lot of technical equipment to sit under a tree and share a story!).  In some places it is necessary because a people don’t have an alphabet in their village language.  In some places it is safer for the believer facing persecution.

But why stories?

Throughout history the most enduring form of communication has been stories.

Think about it.

  • What do you do when you get with friends or family?  Tell stories.
  • What part of a talk or sermon do you remember?  The stories.
  • Why are Facebook and blogs popular?  People can tell their stories.
  • What does a kid want at bedtime (even if its a stall tactic)?  A story.

How did Jesus teach?  He told stories.

90% of what Jesus said in the Bible – at least what we have recorded – is a parable, metaphor, analogy…a story.

Mark 4:33-34 sums up what Jesus was doing.  “With many stories like these, [Jesus] presented his message to them, fitting the stories to their experiences and maturity.  He was never without a story when he spoke.”

If you’re going to go to a part of the world –

where there is resistance to the gospel;

where there is no written language, no alphabet, no Bible, no Jesus film;

where there is no church, few if any believers, and no missionaries –

how are you going to begin connecting people to God?

Through stories.

Two-thirds of the world are “oral learners”, meaning that they learn through oral means, not literate book learning, three-point outlines or logic-based processing.  They learn by “experiencing” something orally, just like a person “experiences” a story that is told rather than just reading information.

Background Partners helps train believers to take God’s Word to the village level through Bible storying, letting people get into God’s Word and God’s Word get into people with the fewest number of obstacles possible.

Effectiveness of Storying

“When a bushman dies, an entire library is lost.” (an African proverb)