Who We Are

In 2008 a group of us took our experiences from ministry in different parts of the world and asked the question “Why are there still so many places in the world where there are no followers of Jesus?” We began visiting national believers with the simple vision of finding ways get God’s Story into hard to reach places.  We’ve learned a lot.

Many of the people groups of the world have no written alphabet for their native language.  So there’s no Bible, no Jesus film, no materials for them.  Further complicating it, the traditional ministry methods we’ve tried aren’t easy or natural ways for them to learn.

“We wanted to see people get into God’s Word and God’s Word get into people with the fewest obstacles possible” says Tim, executive director of BMP. “Storying is very natural, less risky, and highly reproducible in most of these cultures.”

Background Mission Partners was started to provide ‘storying in ministry’ training to churches and organizations who are preparing believers to start churches in hard to reach places.

“Indigenous believers are better prepared to reach, train, and reproduce in their own culture than cultural outsiders are, if that training is simple and reproducible.  Storying – doing ministry the way Jesus did – is helping traditionally resistant people discover God, not ‘Western religion’.”

sharing StoriesPeople ask “Why do you call it ‘Background’?“Background” is more a description of how we want to function than an organization name.  Each ministry we partner with, God has already given a calling to a region or a people group. Our desire is to come alongside what God has called you to do and help how we can. We have discovered you can get a whole lot more done if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.