What We Do

Our Goal is to see people in hard to reach places

  • hear God’s story (evangelism), and
  • become followers of God (discipleship),
  • so that they can be prepared to spread God’s story throughout their culture (fulfilling the Great Commission).

Instead of starting our own projects and sending our own Western church planting teams, Background partners with churches and organizations God has already called to a region or people group to train their own people in how to use storying.

Sharing StoriesIn the past 10 months, we worked with different ministries to train 1200 believers – most of them believers for less than a year and a half, most of them with no school education and can’t read – who are now starting churches in 90 villages in Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and tribal religion regions where no church has been before.

We work with our partners to do the training very naturally, directly at the village level with those who will be living in the village.   We don’t give any handouts, use PowerPoint, show videos, or do anything that isn’t naturally a part of who the people are.  We train the same way we’d like them to go do.  Often our trainings are held in a house, under a mango tree, or along a river- the natural places people gather.  We show them how stories are very interactive and community based, just like life in their villages.

We show them how they can share stories in their villages. In almost all of these places, the oral stories that are shared in the villages become the only Bible available in their village language.

Background continues partnering with organizations to help develop ongoing oral strategies that are simple, reproducible, and church planting.