There is a reason there still remain – two thousand years after Jesus – billions of people in thousands of villages who have never heard about Jesus.  They are simply hard to reach places.

Background Mission Partners’ mission is to help native ministries do what God has called them to do. Rather than sending our own teams from the West, we develop relationships with ministries led by native believers working difficult places.

Most of our relationships are with smaller ministries who are often off the radar of major global initiatives but doing incredible work.  Most of the people we train are not full-time ministry staff.  They are simply village people already integrated into the common ebb and flow of village life.

We do have some core values we look for in our partnering:

  • leadership by native-born believers
  • evangelism and church planting to hard to reach peoples as a focus
  • doing this as they are remaining a part of the community, not removed from it
  • the leadership will identify a few people who can become their storying trainers to go to outlying villages to train others
  • there is a plan to track follow up after the training
  • the believers adapt the storying approach to their context instead of verbatim mimicking

We simply want to serve in the background of what God is doing and offer what we can to you.  We do that best through storying training.

Because of potential risks to our partners, we do not post names on the internet.