How We Fund Trips

Taj-MahalIt’s not complicated.  We tell the ministry we’re visiting that if they can cover the in-country expenses, we’ll find a way to get a plane ticket.  (I have a hard time asking a bunch of people in a remote village to buy a $1,500 ticket when they are living on $100/month.)  If we don’t have the funds at the time we need to buy, we unfortunately don’t go.

We are actively working to find 40 people to give $50 per month .  This will let us build up funds to buy tickets when we need to, which sometimes is on very short notice.

Other monthly amounts or one-time gifts are also welcome (for example, $1,500 will buy a plane ticket).

TJ BoyTurkey BoysClick on “Donate” for credit card/PayPal or send a check contribution to:

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